January 2021: Juice of the month: Upside Down Cake

Juice of the month : Upside Down Cake


We’ve nearly made it to February – well done everyone! But with only days to go until the end of January, it’s time to share our Juice of the month – Upside Down Cake. Juicy, vibrant, moist and fluffy, it really is one of our best sellers at Cotton & Cable, so we caught up with our head mixologist to find out more about this incredible flavour…


What is it? 

Upside Down Cake has a rich history. As far back as the Middle Ages they were called skillet cakes – fruits were cooked in a cast iron skillet covered in cake batter and then turned over. The pineapple upside down cake craze started following the 1925 contest by the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (now Dole Food Company) asking for recipes using their canned pineapples – 2,500 of these were pineapple upside down cake and its popularity grew from there. Our juice is just this – a light, fluffy cake infused with sweet, juicy pineapple and brown sugar.


What inspired you to create it?

A few years ago, I was baking one – I hadn’t eaten it for years and I had forgotten what a uniquely delicious but simple and exceptional cake it is. 

What do you love best about it?

It is such a great combination of contrasting flavours – the fluffy cake gives a smooth rich base, while the pineapple has a juicy, sweet caramelised top note that makes it so moreish. 


Why should everyone vape it?

It is just one of those flavours – delicious, moorish and on-the-flavour profile. What’s not to love?

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