March 2021: Juice of the month: Liquorice Allsorts

Juice of the month: Liquorice Allsorts 

Liquorice Allsorts is the ultimate nostalgic juice, and Cotton & Cable have created an incredible flavour that tastes exactly like the real thing. Taking you back to the days of ‘90s pick ‘n’ mix, this flavour is much-loved by many of you, and it’s easy to see why you can’t get enough of its amazing fruit, coconut and liquorice blend…

What is it? 

Did you know that Liquorice Allsorts were actually created in 1899 by accident? Originally, the two parts that make up the sweet were sold separately until a salesmen dropped them in front of a customer who was so impressed with the jumble he placed the order. And this is where our juice comes in – the flavour is based on the yellow and black coconut wheel. 


What inspired us to create it?

If you ever ask someone what their favourite Liquorice Allsorts is, the answer is normally the coconut wheel, but sadly it always seems to be the least abundant in the bag. Either that, or it tends to be the first to disappear! At Cotton & Cable, we wanted that flavour combination all the time.

What do we love best about it?

There have been liquorice and blackjack styled vapes before, but they are generally quite one dimensional and very heavy. In comparison, this flavour is authentic, but the liquorice doesn’t take over. After all, the wheel is a lot more yellow than black and we wanted our juice to reflect this.

Why do we think everyone should vape it?

Because it is a devious combination of flavours. The liquorice is a strong flavour, it dominates initially but then gently gives way to the coconut, vanilla and fruit, which is the aftertaste you are left with. You’ll then find yourself wanting to get that intense flavour back again and again and again...

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