June 2021 : News Roundup

The vaping industry has had big news in recent weeks, with “Oxfordshire to become the first smoke-free county’, ‘Free e-cigarettes for smokers in A&E trial and ‘Netherlands set to ban flavoured e-liquids’. Take a read below for more.


Oxfordshire to become the first smoke-free county

Perhaps the biggest news recently is that Oxfordshire is planning to become England’s first ‘smoke-free’ county before 2025. With Oxfordshire focus on the county’s greatest cause of premature death, smoking, it’s not hard to see why this is being enforced. Residents will shortly see smoking outside bars, restaurants and office banned along with a thorough plan to ‘de-normalise’ smoking to change attitudes and perceptions in children and young people.  Good news for health, but a serious impact on Oxfordshire's smokers.

Oxfordshire’s public health director, Ansaf Azhar said ‘It is not about telling people not to smoke. It is about moving and creating an environment in which not smoking is encouraged."

We can’t wait to see how Oxfordshire’s plans and results are impacted within the community and wider country. Smoking is one of the largest killers within England, to see the country take measures into its own hands ahead of the UK’s plans to become smoke-free by 2030 is a big step in the right direction. 

To delver further into the county’s plans, take a read of their Tobacco Control Strategy here:https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sites/default/files/file/public-health/OxfordshireTobaccoControlStrategy.pdf 


Free e-cigarettes for smokers in A&E trial

Hospitals in Norfolk, London, Leicester and Edinburgh are set to take part in a new Government initiative to help smokers to quit smoking by offering Patients e-cigarettes, with this starting in Autumn 2021. 

The trial will see the NHS offer smokers free e-cigarettes along with enough e-liquid for a week, together with medical advice. The aim of this trial is to help introduce the idea of quitting, while using e-cigarettes, to those who many have never considered it. Deaths from smoking within the UK is currently at an astonishingly high number, with almost 75,000 people dying in England in 2019 alone.

NHS experts stated they consider e-cigarettes and vaping to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. BAT’s latest comprehensive report supported this. The report, published on World Vaping Day, reinforced that, switching completely to vaping with high-quality products had reduced health risks compared to smoking, contrary to many consumer beliefs.

With the team at C&C having had many negative experiences with smoking, as we would imagine many of you all reading this have had too. We’re looking forward to monitoring this trial in Autumn to see how many people make the change and finally quit smoking for good.

To read more about the trials or the BAT’s latest review, take a look here: 


A&E's trial: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56918315 

BAT review: https://www.bat.com/group/sites/UK__9D9KCY.nsf/vwPagesWebLive/DOC3FBTZ 


Netherlands set to ban flavoured e-liquids

In June 2020, some of you may have seen articles that stated the Dutch State Secretary for Health, Paul Blokhuis announced he was planning to ban all non-tobacco vape flavours in the Netherlands in an attempt to make vaping less appealing to young people. 

What is so interesting in this recent news article, is the amount of oppositions to the ban. 746 out of 757 submissions recorded on the official website voted against the ban due to the supporting evidence that a ‘quit or die’ approach is not as effective as using nicotine replacement therapy. Supporting evidence of this from a previous study from BecomeAnEX stated 9 out of 10 smokers go back to smoking after going cold turkey.

Smoking prevention is key within any Government initiative, listening to the facts and what works is going to create a higher success rate in supporting smokers whilst quitting, and for good. 

Our verdict on this one is, listen to your population and support those in need, then you will generate greater results. 

To read more on the topic, take a browse here: https://filtermag.org/vape-flavor-ban-netherlands/