Vaper of the Month: April : Sven van Rickeln

When did you start vaping? I started six years ago in 2015.

How long did you smoke for? I actually smoked for more than 20 years – I could easily get through two packs of cigarettes every day. 

What do you love about vaping? The healthier lifestyle and the community.

What kind of flavour profile do you love best? My ultimate flavours are desserts and milkshakes.

What’s your favourite juice? Pornstar Martini from Cotton & Cable is still my number one go-to flavour.

How did you find out about Cotton & Cable? On Instagram when it was still a relatively new and young company.

If you could click your fingers and a new flavour would appear, which flavour would it be? I would absolutely love to vape some Cotton & Cable milkshake liquids. 

What’s your favourite mod? Lost Vape Paranormal.

Do you use a dripper or tanks? As I vape a lot, I always use tanks.

If you could choose 3 people alive or dead to vape with who would it be? The whole Cotton & Cable team, of course 😊

Special thanks Sven (@sven_loves_cloudz) for taking part – if you’d like to be next, send us an email on