Vaper of the Month: February : James McCoy

When did you start vaping? I started vaping seven years ago.

How long did you smoke for? I smoked for 20 years and was looking for a life change.

What do you love about vaping? I love the way vaping feels like a family where everyone is here to help and support each other, irrespective of the amount of time they’ve been vaping or the mods they use – it’s become a hobby as well as a healthier lifestyle choice. The huge variety of mods , tanks and eliquids available makes it a great environment for all who choose to try it possible. Plus, I love photography, so it’s great to show the things I love about vaping.

What kind of flavour profile do you love best? Pudding and dessert-based flavours, but anything sweet and tasty is also awesome.

What’s your favourite juice? I love Cotton & Cable’s Baked Apple and Hot Cross Bun – they sit beside each other in my all-time favourite list.

How did you find out about Cotton & Cable? I first saw you on social media and really liked the look of the brand as well as the unique flavour profiles available. After then trying a bottle of Baked Apple I became a firm customer – these are now my go-to for my daily vape.

If you could click your fingers and a new flavour would appear, which flavour would it be? I would have to say a nice lemon curd roulade that’s rich with sweet, creamy lemon curd and a beautiful meringue. Heaven. 

What’s your favourite mod? It has to be VapX at present, their Geyser v1.5 is outstanding and produces fantastic flavour on the .20 dual mesh coil.

Have you always loved tanks or have you got a favourite dripper? I use tanks more.

If you could choose three people alive or dead to vape with, who would it be? John Candy, Robin Williams and Chevy Chase – three of the funniest people ever. It would be awesome.

Special thanks for James McCoy for taking part – if you’d like to be next, send us an email on