Vaper of the Month: January : Thuy Nguyen / @sohovape

When did you start vaping? I started vaping in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. 

What do you love about vaping? I have a background in medical biochemistry and had discovered a passion for helping people who want to give up cigarettes and stop smoking completely. Also, just to add, I really love my job at Soho Vape!

What kind of flavour profile do you love best? I really like fruit flavours, they always taste so delicious and sweet, which is what I love.

What’s your favourite juice? Cotton & Cable’s Hot Cross Bun because it actually tastes like freshly baked hot cross buns. Plus, your Pornstar Martini – I love the drink!

How did you find out about Cotton and Cable? I found out about Cotton & Cable from Alex fat Cheeky Vape who recommended it to me. I was more than impressed with the flavours.

If you could click your fingers and a new flavour would appear which flavour would it be? Erm, that’s a very hard choice, but probably my next favourite drink – so it’d have to be a creamy Baileys.


What’s your favourite mod? At the moment, it’s got to be my Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Kit, because it’s super easy to maintain and it lasts all day.

Do you use a dripper or tanks? I use a pod system, as I’ve found they’re really reliable, produce great flavours and have an amazing battery life. 

If you could choose 3 people alive or dead to vape with who would it be? The three people who I would choose would be my friends Krissi who I love, Alex and…. It’s so hard!

Special thanks to Thuy at Soho Vape for taking part – if you’d like to be next, send us an email on